Trip-Hop Electro Jazz
Here are 2 musicians...
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...with years of musical experience who always looked for their own musical identity and decided to create AmroK. After several years of existence, the french group found their personal touch between trip-hop and chanson française. Were we to give the recipe for Amrok's style of music, the main ingredients would have to be : their pronounced taste for creativity and experimentation, the use of electro-acoustics, and their powerful way of expressing their fragility verging on wildness. We could then mix them all together with a pinch of jazz and improvisation to try and get an insight into the music of this incredible french singer/pianist duo who write and compose all their own music. 

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When Sabine and Christophe create a song...

...they generally start off by composing the music - a blend of electronic, piano and percussion instruments - they then add their words.

 Music and words are in perfect harmony and play an equally important role in their compositions, the music providing the inspiration and support for the words. Bewitching ethnic sounding melodies are the backdrop to Sabine's powerful and emotional voice.


AmroK also expresses its creativity through other artists' songs.

The duo have fun revisiting the jazz standards and international songs they love, writing precise arrangements for some, 

completely improvising the arrangements during their concerts, on others.

Whatever songs they play, AmroK love to improvise.

They also often start improvising out of nothing, in a completely free dialogue.

Sabine and Christophe are AmroK's hard-core but the band is flexible and open to artistic collaborations for one or several concerts, with other musicians, dancers, plastic artists and any other form of art performed by open and inventive artists.



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Tel : (33) 7 81 23 47 62         © 2020 by AmroK

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